Before you start

In this tutorial I will teach you a few things you need to known before jumping into the world of modelling using 3D Studio Max.

3D Studio Max is used to create terrain or scenes for Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe. It is also used to create models like characters, weapons and vehicles.

With Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe you get import & export plugins for 3D Studio Max R3, the plugins only work with Release 3 and not with any other version so you need 3D Studio Max R3 to be able to import and export models for Deluxe. This does not mean you can not model in a later version of 3D Studio Max then get someone who has 3D Studio Max R3 to change the file format for you. This would just take time and slow down production. You can not buy 3D Studio Max R3 from any official store because it is an obsolete version but you can buy it second hand with any luck from places like or simply download the program. Although that is illegal but so should forcing you to buy a $4000 dollar program at the latest version.

Now using 3D Studio Max is not very easy at all, when you first load it up you will almost cry. Not to worry because I will teach you how to create new scenes in easy step by step tutorials with enough images to guide you through the steps.

Written by Jason Batten