Making a reference model

What you'll need to know to do this tutorial
* Not much

What must be done before this tutorial
* Insanity 3d plugins copied into the 3dmax plugins folder and the BIN –folder in H&D installation added into the path variable in the environmental settings. Also the models.dta file has to be extracted.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a reference model for your future creations. With this model it’s a lot easier to scale houses, vehicles etc correct.


1.      Start your 3D Studio Max and from the file menu choose Import. From file types choose i3d –files and browse the sas1.i3d file from the folder where you’ve extracted the models.dta file.

2.      Now the soldier model appears into the screen.

3.      While the whole model is still selected, press the H –key from the keyboard.

4.      Select everything else but Trup* and Click Select –button.

5.      Now hit the delete-key from the keyboard and see how only the body remains.

6.      From the File-menu choose export. Export the body to somewhere where you can find it later and file-format must be 3ds (on the top of the list). Name it SAS1 or something else.

7.      That’s it. Now you can import this model to be a scale reference when ever you are making your own models or terrains.

Written by Bighouse