Getting started

In this tutorial I will teach you about the Insanity editor and what you need to do.

Before everything you must make sure when you installed Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe you selected 'Full + Editor' otherwise you won't be able to use the editor. To start the editor go to the bin folder under your Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe directory and double click 'hdedit.exe'.

The Insanity2 mission editor for Hidden and Dangerous is not a terrain editor meaning you can not create your own scenes for Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe using the editor. You need 3D Studio Max edition 3 to create your own scenes. Although the Insanity editor is used for setting up almost everything else such as sounds, lights, adding enemies and setting up mission objectives. There are many things you can change using the editor and creating an almost new level.

There is a help file that comes with the editor you can find it under editor/help in your Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe directory. Or you can press F1 while using the editor to bring up the help file. I strongly recommend that you read through it all even if some of it makes no sense at all. You will learn a lot of basic information from it.

Well, that's the end of this tutorial you should check out the next tutorial 'Setting Up The Directories' which will show you how to extract the game files needed for editing.

Written by Jason Batten