Your First Mission (part 4)

This is the fourth part of 'Your First Mission' make sure you have read the previous parts before you start.

Now that you have changed the time of day and recalculated the light-maps you got to edit the scene lights. At this point it you should turn on view lights you can do this by going to View > Debug > Lights or by pressing Shift + Ctrl + L. If you move over to any of the buildings you will see lights shining from them. All these lights must be turned off.

Go over to the airport control tower building and select the light at the opened door like I have below.

Delete the light, notice nothing happens the ground is still lit up. Select the ground by the door and deconstruct the light-map by going to Light-map > Deconstruct selection. Now construct it again by going to Light-map > Construct selection, once it is done you will notice most of the lights effects have gone. Your probably wondering why I didn't make you delete the lights before calculating them all before. Well sometimes you don't need to calculate them all at once. This is just to show you how to do certain light maps. Let's continue. First make sure your collisions are off by pressing Shift + F7 or by going to Edit > Collisions. This is so you can move through walls, so you can get to the lights inside the control tower building. I want you to delete all the lights in and around the control tower building except for the big light right of the building named 'lightmapsecond44'.

Once you have deleted all the lights select the roofs of the control tower building, click the visual tab on your properties box and change their type to Lit-object. Now select the surrounding ground near the building as well as all the faces of the building. By faces I mean all the sides, the interior of the building, everything including the door and window frames. Now with everything selected go to Light-map > Deconstruct selection then Light-map > Construct selection. You should end up with something like below.

Now I will let your hand go even more and leave it up to you to delete the rest of the lights that should be off during the day. There are lights which highlight the ground colouring so becareful which lights you delete. Although you might want to adjust the setting on some of the ground lights because a few maybe a bit bright due to the map now being in dayligh. I kept the lights in the sewer left on, it's up to you. Remember to always deconstruct the lights before you construct them again because it will take even longer if you don't. Also keep in mind that some of the structures are still Objects which need to be changed to Lit-objects but sometimes they look better as Objects, it's all up to you!

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Written by Jason Batten