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Site Links

Official web sites

 Illusion Softworks (now 2k Czech)
 Developers of Hidden & Dangerous 1, Fight For Freedom, H&D2 and Sabre Squadron.

 Lonely Cat Games
 Developers of Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe.

 Take2 Games
 Publishers of the Hidden & Dangerous series.

Unofficial fan sites

 Hidden & Dangerous GF
 The top German Hidden & Dangerous web site.

 H&D2 Unofficial Website
 Hidden & Dangerous 2 fan site.

Modding & Editing sites

 =CZ=Teamâ„¢ website
 Website of the =CZ=Teamâ„¢ clan, H&D2 SS modding and editing.

 Hidden & Edited
 Lars' projects.

 Grenni's Kampfstand
 Grenni's Trench.

 Sal's Hidden and Dangerous Research Centre
 The first Hidden & Dangerous editing site.

 MajorDisaster's H&D2 Downloads
 Offers cool mods.

H&D2 Clan sites

 Total Destruction UK
 A Clan from the United Kingdom.