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Merry Christmas 2007

Friday, 22 December 2006

Hello to you all!

I hope you have had a wonderful and eventful year, I hope you enjoy your holidays and have a great new year.

Some of you maybe wondering where I have been... I've just been working. These holidays I will definitely be working on a Content Management System for this website. Once the system is in place I will be looking for a webmaster to take over the site. I have not lost interest in H&D - I just have a lot planned for the year ahead.

Keep coming back to the site because I will be launching a competition and a survey with prizes. The details are yet to be finalized. I have taken a long time to get things organized around here but they honestly are taking shape now.

2006 was a slow year for the Hidden and Dangerous community and a bit of a sad one with the closure of yet another long-time running forum (Mack & Fugue's H&D2 forum @ ezboard). 2007 will definitely be better I assure you =)

Let's all hope Illusion Softworks pump out the other games in their pipeline so they can get to work on a H&D3 for us all ;) - Just for those overly excited H&D3 has not been announced.

As always, all feedback is welcome. Have a happy holidays and a great new year. Wishing you all the best, Jason

2 Years of Hidden and Dangerous Net

Sunday, 03 September 2006

2 Years of Hidden and Dangerous Net (03 September 2004 - 2006)

That's right this website is now 2 years old! Technically this is the 2nd Hidden and Dangerous website I have owned. The first was Exposed and Disarmed, which was for the most part under construction, except for the forums. Sadly the forum data was lost so we had to start again. Those whom have good memories will remember that I was the news editor for the Unofficial Hidden and Dangerous website which sadly is now offline, including the forums. This is the last active H&D website primarily for english speaking audiences. There won't be another H&D game for a couple of years no doubt, unless Illusion Softworks employs more people.

This community is great. People come and go all the time but the fact is they always come back. This game Hidden and Dangerous is beyond brilliant, although the graphics is outdated it stays in our hearts and in our minds. The experience of playing this game has affect us all and that will forever stay with us. H&D is 7 years old, if it wasn't for H&D Illusion Softworks would be nothing, with out you all H&D would be nothing, without Illusion Softworks we wouldn't be here on this website. Thank you Illusion Softworks for creating a masterpiece. we'll all be waiting for H&D3.

Lately more than ever I have realised what H&D means to me and what this community means to me. The closure of Mack and Fugue's forum was very upsetting. Seeing the closure of so many H&D websites and forums over the years has been upsetting.

I won't ever close this website. As long as I am able, this website will remain online.

The New Forum is now Online

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Hello all

The new forum is one here:

Login as normal EXCEPT, those of the Norwegian Resistance clan. Sorry to say but the double-s characters is your usernames are now question marks "?" I can change it to another character just let me know which.

Thanks all for waiting. Had some database trouble. Enjoy the new forum.

The Forums

Sunday, 04 June 2006

Hey all sorry for the delay with getting the forums back up. Had some issues with the install of the new forums then I buggered up the old forums but don't worry all the posts are safe! as well as your accounts. They will be up by Monday or later today (Sunday here in Aus).

News, news and more news!

Monday, 17 April 2006

First of all I hope you all had a good Easter holiday even if you don't celebrate it :P

In Illusion Softworks news, they are of course working on two new titles one we know is so far named "Enemy in Sight" but our favourite team of developers who worked on H&D is working on a new unnamed title. So that means no H&D3 for some time, I've been told some proposals have been put forward but that means H&D3 is only on paper no develop on the game is happening and there is no guarantee the game will be made, at least they are thinking about it. I am sure Illusion Softworks will give us more gaming goodness in the mean time.

Anything else? The patch you say? What patch ;)

Illusion Softworks have said they love their game and want to support it. They want to release a patch for it but at the moment they are having issues. They need to remove the "starforce protection" which Take 2 won't allow. So there is some issues there we will have to wait to be sorted out. I don't think Illusion Softworks will give up easily.

Not the best news in the world but at least you know what is happening. We'll just have to wait and see! Until then lets all edit & mod for H&D Deluxe eh ;)

Down Time & Other News

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Hey all, Sorry for the down-time we had recently - a dutch gaming website linked to the downloads section for H&D Deluxe and the broadband went through the roof they managed to max out my 17 gig / day limit. Which would mean 70+ people would have downloaded the full H&D Deluxe game in a day. Lol, That's a lot!

Other news - I've been working a lot lately which is good for me but bad for the web site in some respects. I've been saying it for a while but the new site will be up soon ;)

No news from Illusion Softworks - apart from they are waiting for Take2 to get back to them on the next patch. So don't blame IS, blame Take2 for the wait :)

Merry Christmas

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Merry Christmas everyone! and a Happy New Year :)

My best wishes go out to everyone.

Server move

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

The web site was down for about 12 hours, probably less due to a move to another server. I asked my host if they could move the site to a different server to take advantage of some newer technologies. This is for the new version of the site, coming soon :) The forums are back up now.

Just to let you know...

Monday, 14 November 2005

This site is still alive! I know it has been so long but as we grow and mature we find out that we need to work to support ourselves. As I have turned 'professional' in web development there are a lot of measures to under go when professionally developing a website. The delays will pay off!

No news about the next patch. Illusion Softworks have told me they are waiting on Take 2.

Hidden and Dangerous . NET re-design

Saturday, 30 July 2005


I am re-designing the site to add more functionality into the site, so that means more things for you guys/gals to do. I have had such ideas to add a member log-ins, clan databse, server database and more.

Feel free to comment, add ideas etc on the forum topic ,click here.

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